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Message from the President

Dear Delegates, Colleagues and Visitors,

Thank you for visiting our re-launched IQUAM website. IQUAM, the International Committee for Quality Assurance, Medical Technologies and Devices in Plastic Surgery is a professional data-generating medical and scientific organization committed to active research existing and new technologies in plastic surgery. Equally IQUAM is dedicated to the assurance of the safe use of medical devices, technologies and procedures in plastic surgery, as well as to ensuring patients safety.

The 9th IQUAM biannual Consensus Conference very successfully was held with the organizational assistance of the experienced team of ZITA Congress in Bratislava, Slovakia from September 23-26. 2010. It was the largest Consensus Conference in IQUAM's history with 150 delegates and participants from 31 countries and 70 scientific presentations . This year's conference was held in close interaction with the 1st meeting of CEN/TC 403 "Project Committee - Aesthetic Surgery Services", The European Committee for Standardization - CEN - is a membership based association recognized by the European Commission providing the impartial platform for elaboration of (voluntary) European Standards and other deliverables by experts and professionals from different sectors nominated by national standardization bodies.

Featuring regulation institutions as well as manufacturing companies, technical innovations, efficacy and outcome studies, patient safety and quality management of technologies, e.g.:

- breast implants
- permanent and non-permanent dermal fillers
- face and composite tissue transplantation
- stem cell applications
- tissue engineering and
- non-invasive devices and methodologies

were discussed and presented for three days. Summarizing the results the biannual IQUAM Consensus Declaration was prepared by the IQUAM Delegates during the conclusional session and will be communicated to medical institutions and authorities internationally.

I am very glad to announce that numerous new delegates and deputy delegates to IQUAM from various and additional countries were appointed for and during the meeting by their national Plastic Surgery Societies.

In the future IQUAM is planned to act as clearing house for quality issues and assurance for the societies that are united under the roof of IPRAS. As such IQUAM with its delegates and board members is constantly open to further development and advancements with constant maintenance of independent dedication to scientifically based quality evaluation in Plastic Surgery.

This website is under constant processing and mainly serves to provide access and information for IQUAM ongoing activities and latest results as especially the biennial published Consensus Declaration, IQUAM is committed to launch regularly after being agreed on at the Consensus Conferences.

As participation in the Scientific Programme of the upcoming

10th IQUAM Consensus Conference in Athens in 2012

again will be exclusively upon invitation, I take pleaseure in inviting you to announce your interest to participate in IQUAM - your input will be highly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact me for your questions and remarks at info@iquam-ipras.org.

Constance Neuhann-Lorenz, MD
President IQUAM

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Next IQUAM congress 2014 in Paris with congress president Dr. Claude LeLouarn.


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